Restaurant “Ginza Habsburg Veilchen”
start at 6 p.m.

7-8-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku
Tokyo, Japan
Information and reservation
Contact: Tel. 03-5537-3226

One year after the very first “Philharmonic Taste” evening we return to our beloved restaurant in Toyko  the “Ginza Habsburg Veilchen” to chef and president Kanda-san. What a pleasure!

Kanda-san lived and worked in Vienna for more than 8 years at the famous Hotel Imperial opposite of the Musikverein. At his finest austrian cuisine-restaurant in Tokyo he presents historical Habsburg-meals on highest level. A piece of Austria in the middle of Ginza! His very warm hearted team and the perfect service make the “Ginza Habsburg Veilchen” a very special place. We love it! The perfect place for a “Philharmonic Taste”!

The “Philharmonic Taste” musicians for this evening are:
Andreas Grossbauer, Violin
Günter Seifert, Violin
Gerhard Marschner, Viola
Bernhard Hedenborg, Cello

Find here pics of the musicians and some impressions of last year’s evening!